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About Us

Glasshouse is an established, independent and specialist technology & IT recruitment agency, that helps Cambridge & Oxford businesses find and hire top technology and IT talent. Our expertise is exclusively in the technology and IT sector, where we partner and help exciting new start-ups, established SMEs and larger corporate companies. We’ve taken the very best of our years’ of experience working in an agency environment to form a company that, we believe, is truly different, with a unique DNA.

Our house is built on the foundations and values of open, professional and honest advice; coupled with an upfront, transparent and straight-talking approach. Our goal is to wow you with an unrivalled service that exceeds your expectations of an agency and that makes a real difference.

Informative Interview

We are here to partner, help and support you with your hiring and with years’ of experience and a brilliant track record in helping Cambridge & Oxford companies, you are in good hands. We make time to deeply understand your key values, the most important things to you and to get a feel for the ethos of your company. We don’t pretend a square peg fits into a round hole, when every organisation’s needs and requirements are different – we don’t have time for that. We take time to understand you. We live in a glasshouse, after all, so we don’t throw stones. We’re experts in what we do and know what we’re good at (technology and IT recruitment) and what we’re not so good at (all that other non-technology and non-IT stuff).


What We Cover

  • CTOs

  • Software Development/Engineering Managers

  • Software Test/QA Managers

  • Scrum Masters/Project Managers

  • Technical Architects

  • Software Developers/Engineers (.Net, ASP.Net, C#, VB.Net)

  • Software Developers/Engineers (C++, OO, Windows, UNIX, Linux, Mac)

  • Software Developers/Engineers (Java, J2EE, J2SE, J2ME)

  • Software Developers/Engineers (Embedded, C/C++)

  • Web Developers (Python, PHP, LAMP)

  • User Interface Developers (JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, XML)

  • User Experience/Designers (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign)

  • Software Test/QA Engineers (SDET, Test Automation, Manual Testing)

  • Systems Administrators (UNIX, Linux, HP-UX, AIX, Windows, DevOps)

  • Database Administrators (SQL, Oracle, DB2, Informix, Ingres)

  • Technical Authors/Writers

The Team

Jason Guest

Director | Recruitment Partner

Jason is the founder of Glasshouse and has over 10-years' of experience recruiting technology and IT talent, in Cambridge & Oxford. With a straight-talking approach, he formed Glasshouse, with the objective to pleasantly surprise companies with an exceptional service that exceeds their expectations and changes their perception of an agency. With an extensive network in technology and IT, in Cambridge & Oxford, Jason is responsible for the finding of talent, for companies.

Not So Interesting Fact...

Jason doesn't know the offside rule and has said that he couldn't think of anything more unsatisfying to watch than football. His knowledge of football is limited to knowing that 'Peter Schumacher' was a good goalie in the nineties (we think he means Peter Schmeichel) and that if he had to support a football team, it would have to be 'Wolves United' (again, we think he means Wolverhampton Wanderers), as Wolverhampton is where he was born. Let's not test his Formula 1 knowledge, too?!